i can't make it on my own ♥

i'm struggling

because I hurt...<|3
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Pain Is Pain
a journal community meant to support those who self injure and are struggling/have quit/trying to quit/not ready to quit.

*Anyone who doesn't self-injure however feels they can really help any of these members [a person who is a good guidance counselor] may join as well.

Reminder: this is NOT a Pro-self injury community.

Creator of community: ninney
My screen name is: le wh0a (yes that's a zero)
and my e-mail address is: caliber.kiss@gmail.com
[for anyone who wants/needs to contact me]

Truthfully, anyone can join this community. If you don't sel-injure, and feel like you're about to/want to..you're welcomed to join. Even if you don't self-injure and aren't planning on it..but have a friend that does or you suspect does it..you can join and we will help you. You don't need to have some deep dark reason as to why you do the things you do, because pain is pain. Everyone experiences pain at least once in their life..it just depends on how you deal with it.

I want people to feel welcomed here..and remember that everyone makes an impact. The point of this community is to let your emotions out; We will listen. We can help. I don't want this community to die because I truly believe that this community can make a difference..or I hope it can.

*The Rules themself are pretty easy to follow...

01 No trashing the community members or the community it general. you will be BANNED
02 If you want to post pictures, please put them under a Lj-cut and put some sort of warning because some are easily-triggered.
03 Only advertise communities that are self-injury related.
04 If you want to talk to someone you can give out your screen name; just noaddresses or phone numbers.
05 Never be afraid of posting your feelings. A lot of us have gone through the same thing.
06 Respect everyone.
07 No racist or offensive comments.

I know what it's like to want to die.
How it hurts to smile.
How you try to fit in;
But you can't...
How you hurt. yourself on the outside...
To try to kill the thing on the inside.

-Girl Interrupted

© show some heart ©

Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

Monday, March 1, 2004 is SI Awareness Day.


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How To Post In The Community:
Go to the normal updating page for Livejournal. Type whatever you were meaning to type in the entry box. Somewhere on the bottom of the entry box it should say "Post To:" [on the left of the Update Journal button] Select the pain_is_pain community and click Update Journal.

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If you have any questions at all or someone's harassing you / any other problems at all; just contact me (ninney) by using any of my contact information listed above.